Patient Testimonials

  • Their personal attention and professional approach is great. They take the time to find the right treatment with positive results. Thank you!

    Julie R.

  • I have had a very stiff neck for over 6 months with dull head pain. Over many therapy sessions my head pain seems to be gone and my neck not as stiff! I feel very fortunate to have had both Mike & Ashley helping me!

    Barb S.

  • Mike and Ashley are both highly skilled and experienced in what they do. They offer a high quality of care in a compassionate manner. They provide recommendations and guidance on various ways to help mobility and pain. They maintain good communication with the medical provider as well so that they are in the loop. They really go above and beyond to help. I would highly recommend their team to anyone needing PT.


  • I had a Total Hip Replacement in Feb. Mike & Ashley both helped greatly relieve the pain in my hip & thigh before the surgery. They both worked with me through the Rehab after my surgery. They are VERY knowledgeable and gave very helpful information & advise to continue my therapy & recovery with home exercises too. Mike & Ashley are very kind, friendly & easy to talk with about the pains in your body. Thank you SO MUCH for helping me this winter.


  • Thank you so much for reliving most of my right hip pain it has been very helpful for me to walk better.

    Also thank you so much for giving me web info and recommending Dr G Matthys, I had a consult and scheduling will be calling me for an Anterior Hip Replacement surgery date. I look forward to continuing my therapy with you.

  • Mike and Ashley are awesome and they are helping me get better …. very friendly and professional …. 🙂

    Sandra K.

  • Mike and Ashley do amazing work. They are knowledgeable and share it freely in order to help me understand my pain and the causes. I have been seen by both and definitely recommend them if you are experiencing any issues. They have went above and beyond in order to help me with my rehab or my hip issues. I always request Advantage Rehab if I have to have P.T. Thanks so much again for helping me get the relief I needed without surgery.

    Irene Z.

  • I came to Advantage Rehab in excruciating pain. The care I am receiving has been amazing. Through careful questioning, and even more importantly, actually listening to my answers, Mike and Ashley were able to pinpoint the cause of the pain and begin to work on minimizing it. The care they give is individualized and patients are not given a “one size fits all” therapy experience. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

    Laurie B.

  • I would recommend Advantage Rehab to anyone! They were very knowledgeable and friendly! I went from dealing with calf pain every day to no calf pain at all! I owe a huge Thank you to them!

    Sarah R.

  • I am very pleased with my treatment I am receiving at ARI. The therapists are very personable and willing to work with my schedule. My knee injury is getting so much better.. I recommend them highly.
    Mary J.

  • Great staff who are very knowledgeable. Solved the issue over a few visits!

    Fred Kollmann

  • Staff customized a treatment plan specific to my injury and offered after-care suggestions. I would recommend both Ashley and Mike to anyone looking for a physical therapist.


  • This week has been awesome!! When I left your office the pain was at a zero, the most it’s been is  a 1.  I’ve been walking, swimming and we went to the fair in Morris. It was nice to look and not cringe in pain, to enjoy with my boys. I am very happy with my sessions!

    Sarah R.

  • I would highly recommend ARI to anyone who needs therapy. They did an amazing job with my daughter.

    Sue Palmquist

  • I went to ARI after rotor cuff surgery! Wow recovery was really fast, I did the exercises they gave me diligently! They definitely know their stuff. I would recommend them to anyone!

    Anne Wiener

  • Great professional care in a one on one setting with all the equipment needed!

    Heidi Wilken

  • They do a great job, they give me a lot of ideas for things I can do after treatment to help myself.

    Paulette Kracht

  • Went to Advantage Rehab after trying several places. Found service to be excellent/professional and more importantly with “NO” gimmicks or unnessary return trips. Will definitely use them again !!

    Chad Schroeder

  • Mike is incredibly knowledgeable and able to find the specific issue – I always suggest Mike and Ashley if someone is in need of physical therapy!!!

    Cathy Ruhland Weber-Zunker

  • The staff at ARI are wonderful!! They are very knowledgeable and in tune to your needs. By far my favorite PT agency in town!

    Sue Lundgren Schwarze

  • I would highly recommend Advantage Rehab! The therapy I’ve received there has been above and beyond my expectations.
    Ashley and Mike listen to what you have to say about your pain and are very friendly and caring.

    Julie Riley Tritz

  • ARI does an amazing job. They are very professional and very knowledgeable about an array of medical situations. When my back went out they were the first place I called. I would recommend them to any of my clients and do frequently.

    Michelle Miller-lehn

  • I went to Advantage Rehab because of low back pain and issues with my hip. The therapy and personal attention was great. Not only did I receive physical therapy that I benefited me but also instructed how to do excerises to help. They take the time to explain and show you the correct way to do the excerises. I was very satisfied with the results!

    Judy Flemming

  • I will always recommend Advantage Rehab to anyone who has any type of medical issue that needs therapy! The treatment I received from the staff was excellent and very professional each and every time. They were able to work their magic on me after our car accident in a minimal amount of time. They always had my best interest in mind and they didn’t prescribe treatment that wasn’t necessary to get me back on my feet. Can actually say I miss seeing them! Thanks Ashley and Mike for all you did for me!!!

    Teresa Callfas-Schmidt

  • I have suffered from tension headaches for the last 7 years. I have tried many different things including burning the nerve endings in my neck and a shot of cortisone and steroids. The shot worked temporarily, but when I started physical therapy, that’s when the progress really started. I began with ARI in May meeting with both Mike and Ashley. I started going 2-3 times a week. As I progressed I was down to once every 2 weeks. In 3 months time, with exercises on my own and therapy, my neck is SO much better then is has been in years. When it does start to feel tight again, I do the stretches and exercises that they taught me and it goes away. Great work! A great place for physical therapy. Very knowledgeable!

    Jillayne Carlson

  • Advantage Rehab has been very helpful in comparison to other physical therapy I have had in the past. I have been coming for my neck and back pain. We have had great result with Mike Savageau and Ashley Kuhnau. We highly recommend them to any one that needs help with Rehab.

    Cynthia M Westcott

  • A Couple of months ago I noticed a sciatic nerve pain which was a herniated disc pressing on it. My Dr. suggested some physical therapy, so I asked a few close friends who I knew had back problems in the past. They recommended the Advantage Rehab. I began traction with Mike and Ashley and have been very happy with the results.

    SuAnne A.

  • I was first referred to Advantage Rehab after suffering from and unexplained acute muscle problem in my mid back that left me completely immobile for two days with painful limited mobility. My Doctor was pleased with patient results at ARI and felt the staff was very knowledgeable. Once I began PT I saw continued improvement throughout the 3 weeks that I saw Mike and Ashley. I truly felt that the staff had my best interests at heart and did their best to get me back to 100 percent as quickly as possible. I expecially appreciated the ease of getting appointments that worked with my schedule as well as the fast “in and out” that their facility allows.

    Tara Bitzan

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